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, crying at times as the first witness in her own defense. >> they have seen who lynn is now. a dedicated, honest, prov who had nothing but student best interest at heart. >> in october, 2011jw%x one student, a third grader came to her describing an incident involving her teacher, this man, craig chandler. the principal took notes and under cross examination deputy district attorney filo highlighted items from the notes. that the 8-year-old said chandler blind folded her, told her to lie down on the floor right there. to open your two legs and said first puts gooey something in my houj then wiggled my body back and forth, and my head. >> the notes speak for themselves. can i not imagine a reasonable person didn't understand what is being described there is a sex act. >> the defendant says she was concerned but testified chandler convinced her waits part of a lesson plan involving helen keller and empathy for the disabled. the defense attorney says the girl's mother and a district administrator also did not suspect child abuse. >> i don't think anyone did anything wrong. i that the more pe
. and ryan voguel zs song. bruce bocci preaching defense and it shows. >> major part ft part of the game. a player can have a great game. he can go out and help win a ball game. we have players that have that ability. >> we're not taking this for granted. we want to play this baseball we've been plague over last six days and to try to win as soon as possible. >> rest of the giants in detroit, javier lopez will be joining teammates while striking out four. 49ers back in prime time this monday night in arizona. niners trying to protect their lead atop nfc west. 49er as louing 173 yards per game. they face cardinals team giving up 35 sacks this season. and last year smith set a record with 14 sacks. he admits this year has been tougher. >> i think teams are a little bit more prepared than they were last year. and we're hearing is that we're doing our job. >> raiders heading to kansas city and oakland has gt to protect quarterback carson palmer. >> we're all proud men out here. we want owe do our jobs to the best of our aby. we don't play as well as we want to we look forward to opportunity
door, he was allowed unfettered access to these children. >> the defense told the jury the principal was conned by an evil man and says the former principle's character is enough to find her not guilty. and it was reiterated what you told us yesterday about chandler he told lynn, a seriesuik8 of lies. at the time they made sense, consistent with everything the student told her. >> allerd is concerned a not guilty verdict would send the wrong message. >> damage would be vast. it may be a signal there is a free pass to educators if something like this comes to their attention. >> some jurors told the judge they taught the defendant had the best of intentions but there was, quote, significant disagreement about whether she took the appropriate action. >> thank you. tonight the woman whose video helped convict ross mirkarimi of domestic violence is ending her long silence. she released a political ad today targeting san francisco supervisor christina alahi. her!&ixg reelection bid, now, te alahi cast one of the votes that kept mirkarimi in office. >> voters need to know what alahi did. i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3